i_love_debatingSúčasťou našej školy je aj anglický debatný klub – debate club pod vedením p. profesora Önel.




Zopár fotiek z účasti na modelovom zasadnutí OSN na University of New York v Prahe.


debate club in PRG 3

debate club in PRG 4debate club in PRG


Here’s a little more about our Debate Club…

SGCR Debate Club provides an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in current events to engage in the art of civil discourse and discussion.  We take the preparation of our cases and our participation in debate tournaments very seriously, however our club emphasizes respect for others, tolerance, learning and fun.  Teams compete against other high schools regionally and nationwide as well as internationally.
The style of debate used in the leagues are prepared and improvised. Team-based advocacy groups argue either for or against a position on selected issues such as politics, economy science and technology, ethics, environment and global issues.  Teams are composed of four or two partners depending on the competition. Cases are argued from either the PRO side or the CON side.
By preparing for and engaging in debate tournaments, Debate Club members learn how to:

  • work well with others and develop teamwork
  • research and analyze complex & current issues
  • cultivate persuasion skills
  • defend a position using logic and evidence
  • engage in articulate and educated discourse with maturity and professional decorum
  • think on their feet
  • learn about important, timely issues facing our communities and our world
  •  improve public speaking skills
  • boost self-confidence

One of the most respected extracurricular activities by universities is high school speech and debate. The Wall Street Journal has cited statistics showing that “dedicated participation in drama and debate has significantly increased the success rate of university applicants at all schools which track such data. State and national award winners have a 22% to 30% higher acceptance rate at top-tier universities and being captain of the debate team “improved an applicant’s chances by more than 60% compared to the rest of the pool.”